scrap 2 x 6 lumber to a bird house

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reible created the topic: scrap 2 x 6 lumber to a bird house
Hi, haven't posted here in a while. Just want to let you know I'm still around and woodworking. Thought I would post this project to prove it.

I had a construction project that called for some 2 x 6 x 6' lumber. When I went shopping I found it was cheaper to buy the 8' ones, and who am I to question that? So I went with the 8' lumber and ended up with scraps.

Since I like to experiment with the new ideas and techniques in my woodworking it's only reasonable that this too would be such a project.

For those of you who are familiar with the process of making band saw boxes this is a no brainier. If you know not of what I speak this is why you have a computer and search engines.

I have photo's at:

The first image show my set up to cut the lumber to length, 5-1/2" in this case. Your shopsmith could make these cuts, it just happened that I had the miter saw out so I used that. Larger pieces like 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 or even 2 x 12 could be used, this is easier to do if you have a band saw that can cut more then the 6" size I have. You could of course rip and glue....

As can be seen in the next photo this gives you a stack of wood that can be glued together to make "the" box. You can see the pencil lines where the front and back of the box will be cut off. I used 1/2" for this dimension.

My band saw is not a shopsmith but the procedure is about the same no matter what band saw you have, it just a re-sawing operation. I showed how I set up to do this but you can use any method that works for you. Since this is a "rustic" style projects you don't have to have worry much about how perfect your cuts are. You can do the re-sawing before you glue the pieces together which is what I did taking each end piece and slicing the 1/2" thick part off. I see no problem glue it up and then cutting the 1/2" parts off if you prefer.

I drew diagonals to locate the center of the glued together pieces, this is on the surface were the 1/2" slices were taken off. I made a circle about a 1/2" from the flat sides as is seen in the seventh picture.

Then you cut out the center section which will be the nesting area for the birds. The cut that was made to get into the center section will be glued shut when I get closer to finishing the project. The 1/2" parts were marked so they can be refitted back to the sides they were cut from and orientated the way they were.

I used my shopsmith to drill the 1-1/8" hole, the box is small so it is only good for very small birds, I'm hoping Wrens. I will drill maybe 3 holes in the bottom for drainage, use glue and screws to attach the back, the front will attach with brass screws so the box can be cleaned out. Haven't decide how it will hang, either a hook or ???. Have not decided if I will sand it up with the shopsmith belt sander or not. It will require paint and maybe some roof material for protection from the elements.

Hope you enjoyed the post,

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