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Hi everyone. Don't know if you have perused the Photo Gallery 'wares', but I experienced a (?) problem. By experimentation, I found a solution. My computer keyboard has a left and a right mouse key, directly below the 'SpaceBar' key. I also have a wireless mouse with a matching pair of left/right keys. Manipulation of these, and other keys, extends your ability to better peruse the Gallery photos. For this Topic, the specific pair is mimic'd by its' counterpart.

The problem (which may be related to only my computer/Operating System) is a Zoom level issue. When I select a particular photo to look at, the on screen presentation is incomplete - vertically. The top ~ 1/4, is not viewable, and vertical Scrollbar has no control.. Well, simply 'Press and Hold' the computer Ctrl key, then momentarily press the (Minus) - key; then release both. (I only had to do this once.) The ENTIRE photo 'magically' appears. An improvement, but why stop there ? : let's be venturesome. What I describe here is not the only method to 'experiment', as most computers have more than one route; resulting in the same outcome.

To 'improve' the size/clarity of the photo, place the computer Cursor in the border area of either of the Uppermost corners of the photo. Hold down the Enter key, then drag the Cursor, very slightly, diagonally downward, towards the opposite lower corner. Release the enter key. The area inside of the photo border will have become obscured by blue highlighting. [Not too worry though] Next, position the cursor on the highlighted portion, and 'click' the righthand mouse key. A 'pop-up 'sub-menu' will appear. Select and 'click' the option 'View Image'. An enlarged view will appear.

Note the + symbol, encircled in white. 'Clicking' the Left mouse key, will zoom-in one more level; but, this time horizontal and vertical Scrollbars become available. 'Dragging' the scrollbars, enable you to 'move around' with-in a 'magnified portion' of the photo; for a much improved detailing effect. Well, that's it. Hopefully you've not pressed a wrong key, placing your computer into a unrecoverable mode ! ! ! ~~~ AZI

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