Neat Accessory Adds Versatility

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AZ IRONWOOD created the topic: Neat Accessory Adds Versatility
Always having difficulty figuring out where to place tools ( and 'other stuff ' ) when doing various projects?. Well there are lots of articulating arm computer/TV mounts available at your local thrift stores. They run the gamut of temporary clamp-on mounts > semi-permanent Wall or stud mounting styles. You could also adapt the Drafting lamp bracket described on page 8 of the Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone revised edition [ISBN 0-8359-5567-2].
The possibilities for using these mounts, are only limited by your imagination. (IE: Using spade drill bits, drill holes for your set of lathe tools. Arrange, to suit your personal needs.) You could use hardware, to secure an aluminum baking tray to the mount, to keep 'stuff' from rolling around/etc. If the baking tray you appropriate/commandeer/steal, happens to come from the kitchen, I disavow any responsibility, for this suggestion. If the Articulating Arm Mount happens to be of steel (most are) rather than aluminum, uou can use The 'super magnets' from salvaged-out computer hard-drives; they are available in various sizes [obtain from your local computer repair person, or off eBay/Amazon], and commonly have engineered in mounting provisions. MAKE CERTAIN TO NOT ACCIDENTLY ALLOW FLESHY PARTS OF YOUR ANATOMY, TO COME BETWEEN WHATEVER THE MAGNET IS ATTRACTED TO. {Besides, it hurts ! ! ! } Some of the larger, stuck together magnets, are almost humanly impossible to seperate. Hope you find this 'Hint' handy, AZK
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