Un-curling Sanding Discs

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AZ IRONWOOD created the topic: Un-curling Sanding Discs
Acquired a dozen + large grit Grinding/Sanding discs of varying diameters [the very aggressive type, used for automotive or welding work], from a thrift store.. The price (10 cents each) was in my ballpark, so I couldn't pass up the purchase. The problem was related to however they had been improperly stored. They all had a bad curled shape across the width. Contemplated about the 'challenge' for a while. Then the 'light bulb' lit up ! My multi-purpose machine was in the DrillPress configuration. Stacking the disks [back to back; two at a time] I carefully sandwiched them between two pieces of equal sized 3/4" plywood discs, Then placed the 'sandwich' on the WorkTable, directly below the mounted DrillBit Chuck. Moving the quill so it was SLIGHTLY pressing against everything, I locked the quill in place. After a day, I checked how things were going. The discs were beginning to flatten out; WITHOUT damaging the face grit, Furthur downward compression of the quill, in stages, produced additional flattening each time. Final result, perfectly flattened discs. Not sure if the idea could have been accomplished in a shorter time frame, or not, I don't know. I then stacked them in normal attitude [grit faces to backing, of the following discs, and compressed the whole works, including the plywood discs, in the deep throat of a woodworkers gluing clamp. The use of only clamps, might have straightened out the curling, and reduce the time factor, but I neglected to try that method at the time. {My clamps were already busy, on a 'GlueUp' project, and not available} The proper storage of grinding/sanding discs [and plain sandpaper] used infrequently, is with compressive weights. The curling was probably due to long exposure to monsoon humidity. Of course living in a flood prone area might, submerge your entire house/shop; so who cares about sanding discs ! ! ! AZI

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