Repainting a 1980's (now) 520

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8 months 3 weeks ago #11679 by WMKrahling
WMKrahling created the topic: Repainting a 1980's (now) 520
First, I know this is not a new subject. But since it has been a few years I thought I would get folks opinion.

I have a SS 520 that I have collected along the way new casters and a double tilt upgrade. Since I was going to update the lower half, I thought I might as well refresh the paint. The previous owner spilled some stain on it so it has some spots that could be better.

Any suggestions? My first thought was to take the tilt mechanism down to Sherman Williams and go buy some semi-gloss paint. - Maybe their higher end type. Any issues?

Second guessing is that this stuff will be house paint and not machine paint. At the end I want to spray this on with a HVLP sprayer.

Any paint chemist out there with any technical suggestions.

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8 months 2 weeks ago - 8 months 2 weeks ago #11680 by AZ IRONWOOD
AZ IRONWOOD replied the topic: Repainting a 1980's (now) 520
I'd stay away from 'house paint, it's not designed for application 'long term', on metal. Many years ago, I disassembled my machine, scuffed the old finish to provide 'tooth', for the new paint to adhere to well. At the time, I had to 'Special Order' the desired paint from my local hardware store; as it wasn't a color they normally stocked. To do several applications, to all painted surfaces, required purchasing 4 spray-cans. If applied properly the surfaces appear 'Factory Stock'. Some experimentation is necessary to become adept at the speed of application (so the entire surface is covered evenly, 'timing' between coats, and the amount applied, etc.); each will affect the final outcome. Ambient humidity/temperature was suitable. After 12+ years post-application, and occasional automotive paste wax protective, still looks good as new. I used Rustoleum "Hammertone' Verde Green. Their website allows viewing the end result, when properly applied. AZ IRONWOOD
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