bearing troubles

13 years 7 months ago #2779 by Bill Golden
Bill Golden replied the topic: Mk VII Info.
Thanks DPF !

I think I've got it. It is quite different from the Mk V, but it gets the same thing done.

Thanks Steve ! I thought it was the SS mystery part for the Mk VII.
I'm glade to find out it was only a screwdriver.

Thanks again to both you guys.

Bill G. :)

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13 years 7 months ago #2780 by DPF
DPF replied the topic: Re: bearing troubles
No problem Bill,

Once I get it all back together I'll take more pics so there can be no grey area. The inspection port on a MarkVII is nice and big like later MarkV's so I can get some good pics once it's reassembled.

I am going to go ahead and do a Double Bearing mod since I'm doing so much work to this anyway. I've been discussing it with Skip. I'm going to mod the existing quill for dual bearings instead of switching out the whole Quill assembly with a new one. It will be much cheaper and work better really. I'll take pics of that process as well for future reference if folks ever want to follow suit. It requires boring out the back of the Quill housing and mounting a second bearing on the shaft near the back end. It will be a larger bearing than the secondary on a SS supplied DB quill.

It will be a while though. Kind of "Holiday Busy" around now.


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