Basic info for needed replacement parts

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13 years 11 months ago #2286 by DPF
DPF created the topic: Basic info for needed replacement parts
So I picked up a MarkVII this weekend (from the nice gentleman who offered it up in the For Sale thread for free). It appears to be in pretty good shape. There are a few missing pieces that I'll need to replace and I just want to be sure I can get MarkV pieces to replace them with when the time comes.

1.) Lathe tool rest, same as MarkV, right?

2.) Tailstock, I know the MarkVII was more "angular" looking, but as far as function a MarkV will do just fine correct?

3.) Inspection port cover, is there a MarkV version that will work?

4.) I believe it's also missing the cover that would have had the serial, the little plate that goes around the high-speed spindle. I'm wondering if a replacement is available that will work (MarkV?)

Now for the more questionable issues

5.) The panels off the base are gone. It's just the frame. Not functionally important, but I'd like to find replacements some day.

6.) Finally any info on switch replacement will be appreciated. I plan to take it apart and see if I can get any kind of reference numbers off the switch assembly. Wondering if I can replace the switch with one that I can still use the buttons. Currently it's stuck in Forward. Haven't looked at it close enough to know if it's just jammed or the switch is broken. I believe it's a safe assumption that the switch is shot. He'd been using it this way with a separate switch on the power. I'll rig up a three was switch thru the keyhole if I have to, but I'd rather find a better replcement of course.

[edit] Addendum: What about saw gaurds and table inserts? Will MarkV 500 style parts work fine with a MarkVII?[/edit]

[edit^2] Extension tables? I have the one std one, but if I wanted one for the other side are MarkV extention tables usable? Are they about the same length front to back and will the MarkVII fence work on them?[/edit^2]


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