seeking Mark VII switch wiring diagram

10 years 5 months ago #9857 by AZ IRONWOOD
AZ IRONWOOD replied the topic: Re:seeking Mark VII switch wiring diagram
Assuming patents/copyrights aren't violated, it seems to me such data, [IE - a wiring diagram] should be the exact type of information which is made a permanent archive file on this website.

Not being a lawyer type [Thank God], it seems to me if a person simply 'pirated' a wiring diagram, out of a factory reference [still with-in copyright limitations], that would constitute a CR violation. Conversely, if I partially disassembled my new machine, made a drawing of the wiring, and provided the info for inclusion into the SSUG Document Archive, it wouldn't violate CR laws. I'd be providing the info, into a 'filing system', for future retrieval purposes. Of course, using the info for commercial purposes would be an unauthorized use. Just my opinion, so expect feedback, from the 'legal eagles'.

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